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Money Making Online Opportunities from Konyagi (Commercial keywords with buyer intent) 

Global Search Volume for Konyagi Terms

Search TermsGlobal Volume
konyagi tanzania450
konyagi alcohol70
konyagi for sale10
konyagi gin90
konyagi kenya80
konyagi liquor10
konyagi usa30
where can i buy konyagi in the us
where to buy konyagi20
buy konyagi online
konyagi alcohol percent
konyagi amazon
konyagi buy10

These volumes are only a rough estimate, and the actual volume is always likely to be the 3-4 multiple of these. So, actual popularity for all the above terms are much higher compared to the numbers listed  above.

And any trending search is likely to create a snowball effect, since many people are not searching for Konyagi just because they know that it is not available online. Based on the popularity of Konyagi, many people can start referring to each other for Konyagi which will be great for the business.

Regional Breakdown

Country Wise breakdown of different Konyagi related terms

Search Terms
konyagi tanzania5020901020205010
konyagi alcohol101010
konyagi for sale10
konyagi gin30
konyagi kenya4010
konyagi liquor10
konyagi usa1010
where can i buy konyagi in the us
where to buy konyagi10
buy konyagi online
konyagi alcohol percent
konyagi amazon
konyagi buy10

Based on the licenses available, we will do local SEO and local brand management for Konyagi. For example, if the products are to be sold in Tanzania only, the reputation management will only be done for Tanzania (which is cheaper and effective). The same goes for other countries.

In all the above countries, people are searching about:

  • Buying Konyagi (commercial intent. Everyone searching for this term is finding Konyagi. So all of them are buyers)
  • Checking the Side Effects of Konyagi (Informational, For Reputation Management. They are the potential buyers who are seeking information on the internet. If they find pro-Konyagi content on the internet, nearly all of them are likely to be buyers, which is also a business opportunity)

Negative Results Dominating the Google Search About Konyagi


Negative Content:

The Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ) has submitted Konyagi spirit from Tanzania to the Zambia Medicine Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) for tests following reports that it gives men prolonged erection. 


Negative Content

A lot of hard lessons have been learnt regarding this ambiguous liqueur – trust me on this one. One minute you’re casually basking in the dry heat, having an ever so pleasant conversation with an intriguing comrade to be. Then the Konyagi takes hold. You try to resist at first, clench your fists tighter, focus your eyes with an extra dexterity to avoid what’s inevitably coming…then it happens, and it happens hard. The lyrics to ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ start a mutiny within your vocals chords, causing every last syllable to burst out of your lips, as unforgiving as the lion towards the gazelle. 


Negative Content

Some consumers had raised concerns over the drink produced by Tanzania Distilleries Limited. Many had complained of abnormal erection after taking the spirit.


Negative Content

It has come to light that the Police Force in Dar es Salaam has apprehended 67 suspects five of whom were allegedly found selling or distributing fake Konyagi gin.

The police also claimed to have impounded an array of equipment used when producing fake Konyagi. The force further said that some of the suspects were found in possession of 175 empty Konyagi bottles, 111 empty Konyagi sachets (viroba) and a further 17 bottles which held fake Konyagi.

Need to Push Down all of these results down in Google, so people who are searching for these terms land on the positive content about Konyagi, and end up buying it.

For this:

Need to have a website (ecommerce store)

Integrating blog in the eCommerce site

Creating positive content about Konyagi on that blog to push down the negative content. When we create new content on the same keywords, Google will start ranking our content and derank theirs. This is what reputation management is that you push down negative content while bring positive one up.

Alternate terms used instead of “Konyagi” with the same intention of Konyagi

Term “Cognac” is also used in many countries to search for Konyagi

Countries where people are searching for Cognac over Konyagi

  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Luxemberg
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Kenya

Just like the term Konyagi, people are also searching for Cognac to buy the drink. Based on the licenses available, local SEO can be done targeting the above countries to increase the sales.

Even if the licenses issue is fixed, Konyagi will only be sold to these countries when:

  • People are well aware about it
  • Positive content about Konyagi is on the internet
  • People can order it  quickly on an online store
  • Easy checkout system

Google Trends

Search comparison between the term Konyagi and Cognac (Official Google trends Data)

In case, the graphs are not loading on your device, click on this link for detailed graph,Cognac

Search results for the term Konyagi

In case, the graphs are not loading on your device, click on this link for detailed graph

Search results for the term Cognac

In case, the graphs are not loading on your device, click on this link for detailed graph

Facebook Ads

Only one facebook page running ads on Konyagi in Tanzania on Facebook: (Running only 4 ads spo have a lot of potential)

Following are the ads:

The copies of the above ads are poorly written and are not convincing enough for buyers. Still, sellers are running the ads, since there is a large vacuum and no competition. Sellers know that they can generate sales of Konyagi. So, efforts here will also generate sales.

Competitive Analysis

Competitor NameWebsiteApprox TrafficKeywords RankedAdditional Comments
Valeur Superior
Count Google Ads
Vladimir VodkaNot their own websiteSelling through other websites
Regency Old Special WhiskeyNot own websiteSelling through other websites
Viceroy Old Liquer BrandyNot Own WebsiteSelling through other websites including Amazon UK

Now if we compare all of the above brands with the term “Konyagi” here are the result

Comparison of Konyagi with Different Brands on Google Trends

In case, the graphs are not loading on your device, click on this link for detailed graph,Valeur%20Superior%20Brandy,Count%20Pushkin,Vladimir%20Vodka,Regency%20Old%20Special%20Whiskey

Countries which are searching for the term “Konyagi” instead of doing any general search for brand name:

  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Kenya
  • Zambia
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Russia

Countries where people are searching for specific brands:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States

So, based on the country of search, we need to do brand reputation. For example, if people are searching for a general term “Konyagi” in some country, we will revolve our brand reputation strategy across that term. So all the people searching for the term “Konyagi” will be seeing positive content about the term on the internet.

And in those countries where people are searching for specific brands, we will improve the conet about those brands, so people will get positive results about those brands, hence improving the sales.

From the above table, count pushkin is the most popular brand, while Valeur Superior Brandy comes second. In some locations, Valeur Superior Brandy is at the top. So, need to focus on these two brands depending upon the location. And when depending upon the sales of the rest of the brands, will do the brand management and reputation management strategy for them as well.

All Competitors Head to Head Comparison (Google Trends)

In case, the graphs are not loading on your device, click on this link for detailed graph,Count%20Pushkin,Vladimir%20Vodka,Regency%20Old%20Special%20Whiskey,Viceroy%20Old%20Liquer%20Brandy

If we start putting a blog for this, we will start dominating on almost all the keywords by tackling the competition. Besides we can integrate the store/shop and start shipping in different countries (based on the license)

Need to do brand management based on the number of searches of that brand. Instead of wasting resources on the low-searched brands, need to have a strategy that will rank the most popular brand at the top, and hence driving more sales.

When brands are more popular, people are also likely to get negative content about that brand. So, will have to do brand management and reputation management  by pouring in the positive content about the popular brands.

Existing Brands Vs. Konyagi Reputation

All the existing brands are doing good to protect their reputation, but the general search term “Konyagi” is still showing negative results on the internet.

So people who are typing in specific brand names in the searches, they are getting positive results, but people who are searching only “Konyagi” or other related terms are getting negative results.

This is where we need to focus as not everyone is aware of already existing brands. We create a positive perception on the internet about the term “Konyagi” to improve our sales and hence the profits.

Otherwise people will keep on developing negative perception about Konyagi and positive perception against specific brands, which will eventually help the existing brands while leaving our business vulnerable.

Uganda Waragi Vs. Tanzania Konyagi

In case, the graphs are not loading on your device, click on this link for detailed graph,%2Fm%2F0cf90c

Beverage named Waragi is searched in Uganda mostly and it has all its reputation cleaned on the internet.

As shown by the above Google trends data, it can be seen that both Konyagi and Waragi are going head to head in terms of Google searches.

But the bad news is that Konyagi has a poor online reputation while Waragi has a good reputation.

Nearly all the searches of Waragi gets sale but in case of Konyagi these sales do not happen, thus Waragi wins in terms of business. And there is a strong reason for that. There are different head to head comparisons present on the internet about both Konyagi and Waragi.

Since Waragi has a strong reputation management behind it, they are winning it in almost all the Search Engine results.

For example see this link:

Negative Content about Konyagi:

Summary of the above link: This link establishes that Waragi tastes better than Konyagi, so Konyagi is losing its battle against Waragi in head to head comparison.

Negative Content:

“The fact is that Uganda Waragi has a higher alcohol content than Konyagi and apparently the volunteer taster could taste this (I had never noticed this before).

I then tasted both cocktails.

When I tasted the Waragi cocktail, I muttered something under my breath about how wonderful Uganda Waragi is (not kidding!).

I then cleansed my palate and tasted the Konyagi cocktail. Involuntarily, I winced.

Now, let’s be clear: I drink Konyagi regularly and I don’t normally wince when I do. But, somehow, after the Uganda Waragi, the Konyagi tasted unpleasant.”

Now see another link:

Summary of the link:

This link again shows that Waragi is better than Konyagi. People are making hypothetical stories, which have nothing to do with reality. Perhaps all the stories narrated in the above links are fake, they are just painting Waragi as a better product, since they have a strong reputation management team.

Negative Content:

“The problem with Konyagi is that it comes in a bottle shaped like a lotion tube, and since I’m not a lotion man and since I abhor body lotion to the death, that alone is reason enough for me and Konyagi to not mix. No. Never!

The other problem with Tanzania’s Konyagi is that when you buy one for a Kenyan girl, you will also need to buy at least half a kilo of indimu to spike it up a little so as to produce that killer punch and introduce a bit of flavor to an otherwise flavor-less liquor.

When you gallop large quantities of Uganda Waragi, or Waga, or UG, whatever you call it, the feeling you get is that perhaps the distilling process happened in the middle of an orange plantation.

On the contrary, and sadly so, when you drink Konya without generous drops of indimu in it, the feeling you get is like that of digging into a mound of ubugari bw’imyumbati without any sauce to accompany it.”

See how Waragi reputation team is making people believe that it is a good drink to have:\

Summary of the link: This is the whole Journal written on Waragi. They are trying to convince people scientifically that Waragi is the drink to go. But there is no such piece present on the internet about Konyagi

After seeing the difference in the reputation of Waragi and Konyagi, it is easy to see that Waragi’;s reputation team is burning the midnight oil to make its reputation positive while Konyagi has too much vacuum for reputation management.

Social Media Profiles Tracking: Waragi vs. Konyagi

CompanyTotal audienceTotal audience changeFacebook audience

Social Media Engagement Comparison

Now see the head to head comparison for both Konyagi and Waragi in these pics:

Both these pics show that Waragi is doing good on social media, which is the primary reason for its sale, while Konyagi is struggling even to make any mark.

Another reason for the poor online reputation management of Konyagi is the website crisis. Konyagi had the website address of which is now redirected to The original website had Konyagi mentioned on it but the new website address has nothing to do with Konyagi. By searching “Konyagi” in the search bar of the new website, it gives zero results. This means that even if some buyer comes to buy Konyagi on this website, they are returning without any gain.

People are buying Waragi at many different places. The websites selling Waragi are well equipped with all the technologies and properly built with testimonials which eventually wins buyers confidence and brings sales.

For example look at these sites which are selling Waragi:

All of these sites are excellently made and are enough to win long-term buyers.

Fixing social media reputation

Konyagi is also facing social media reputation crisis. There is no active Facebook page or community taking the negative propaganda against Konyagi. In fact this biggest page about Konyagi last posted in 2017. And in the whole 2017, they only posted 2 times. So virtually, all the activities are stopped on the Facebook about Konyagi since 2016, which means that the drink has to be promoted on the social media as well.

Tackling the social media reputation of Konygai will be done on

  • Facebook+Twitter+Pinterest+Instagram


  • Social Listening to gather the data of customers and make a data-driven strategy
  • Engaging and Relevant content creation to capture social media users attention
  • Increasing positive reviews on social profiles
  • Enacting review response and comment response team
  • Highly engaged WhatsApp group where people can contact for Konyagi sale

ISO Info

Konyagi can be certified as an organic product within the international market by meeting regulations which are demanded to achieve the certification. This will require bringing the operational processes from farming to the supermarket, up to the international standard for organic certification. The same can be said for ISO 14001 and ISO45001 which are environmental management systems and health & safety systems required for international certification. These also require organization processes to be brought to the level of approved international standards. Organic brands are considered more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and therefore attracts customers. Drinks such as Benromach Organic Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Papagayo Organic Rum are now taking over the market share from traditional brands. Konyagi can do that too. ISO 14001 certification assures customers that a company complies with environmental regulations, an aspect of which is a marketing tool as it contributes to building brand and company reputation. ISO 45001 as an internationally recognised standard for occupational health and safety increases trust and helps to reduce insurance premiums.

All ISO certifications helps to reduce potential risks and hazards as well as the associated legal and non-legal costs, while increasing revenue due to the positive reputation. DIBO experts are experiences in ISO and can advise TDL on how to achieve and maintain ISO certification.

Konyagi Solution Timeline

Konyagi Timeline Presentation.pptx from FunFunda2

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