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About Us

Dido Bongo Products Import & Export is a business which is registered in the Netherlands and the US. The main business focuses on importing products from Tanzania and exporting commercial products, skills, and knowledge from The Netherlands and the US. We are driven by the vision of sustainable development whereby more people are empowered to earn
an honest living.

Why us

As a team, we have a multicultural background, a global outlook, and skillsets backed by decades of experience working within international

We incorporate Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) knowledge in all we do by considering ISO14001, ISO45001 standards, and US sustainable development goals.

For successful business operations, we are also well equipped with 20+ years of knowledge and experience in digital marketing, e-commerce experience, and quality assurance, with a particular focus on management Systems, Good manufacturing practice (GMP) & Good distribution practice (GDP) requirements and relevant local and international

We feel a responsibility to contribute toward community welfare and the pressing need to build sustainable partnerships for development between our birth countries and our host countries.

It is crucial for the success of SDGs that individuals within global communities are empowered to cooperate with confidence and trust when facing global challenges and make everyone an active contributor towards sustainable development, which is inclusive and offers a better future for all.


The company’s vision is to ease the economic burden on the most vulnerable so that they are empowered to participate in the development
sustainability of their country.


Our mission is to work with Tanzania, the Netherlands, and US businesses to create employment for people within local communities by marketing Tanzanian products internationally and by identifying opportunities for Netherlands and US businesses within Tanzania, contributing to growth within companies and national economies.


We aim to build partnerships that will contribute to fulfilling our vision with companies within Tanzania, the Netherlands, and the US. We will advise local companies in Tanzania on sustainability and highlight the availability of business opportunities between Tanzania, the Netherlands, and the US.


1. To contribute towards poverty eradication in alignment with Sustainable Development Goal 1 (SDG 1 or Global Goal 1).

2. To eliminate hunger in alignment with SDG 2.

3. To empower more people to contribute toward good health and well-being in alignment with SDG 3.

4. To impart sustainability knowledge for quality education within organizations in alignment with SDG 4.

5. To advocate for inclusive employment opportunities in alignment with
SDG 5.

6. To contribute towards the creation of decent work and economic growth in alignment with SDG 8.

7. To advocate and advise on systems that will towards reducing social-economic inequalities in alignment with SDG 10.

8. To impart sustainability knowledge to organizations as a contribution toward climate action in alignment with SDG 13.

9. To have talks on how to reduce and eliminate operational environmental impacts in alignment with SDGs 11, SDG 12, SDG 13,
SDG 14, and SDG 15.

10. To continue building partnerships with stakeholders working
towards a similar vision.

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Dido Bongo Products Import & Export
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Dido Bongo Products Import & Export
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